This is How Sam Bankman Freedand His GF Spent investors Money (Unbelievable FTX Expenses)

You want to know how to live like a king on someone else’s dime?

Sam Bankman Freedand His GF

Meet Mr. Sam Bankman Freed and his ex girlfriend, Carolyn who did exactly that, the masterminds behind the collapse of FTX. They’re the altruistic power couple who fraud in millions out of their customers. They lost eight billion dollars,overnight. From fancy restaurants to living in a 40 million dollar mansion, this story will make your jaw drop. In this article, I’m going to take you into the world of this crypto elite where the rules don’t apply and greed knows no bounds. He literally fooled us all. And now the burning question on everyone’s mind, where the heck did all that cash go? You won’t believe what we uncovered in this investigation. These two seemingly harmless CEOs were living the high life, and we’re not just talking fancy cars and designer clothes, we’re talking straight up baller lifestyle, complete with private jets and yachts. But wait, it gets even crazier. In November 2022, FTX filed for bankruptcy and people thought that they just needed a little time to get their finances in order. Turns out it was all a front. They didn’t have any assets to liquidate and pay off the bankruptcy.

The company that was once worth $32 billion was now just worth a few hundred million. Where did all that money go?

That’s right. While they were having trouble paying out users, they were still splurging on real estate.

And they even posted a video of their brand new office space in Tokyo while they were in the midst of a liquidity crisis. Unbelievable. And to top it all off, even Sam’s parents got in on the action. These guys were living the high life all on the back of FTX funds. It’s a wild ride, but the truth is stranger than fiction. It turns out Sam’s parents, Joseph Bankman and Barbara freed, were living the high life too. Apparently, they owned properties worth $ 121 million. That’s according to Reuters. But who knows? It could be even higher. And get this, the Bahamian government claims that the value of FTX properties in the Bahamas is a whopping $256 million. 35 properties all located in the fancy schmancy New province area. And the Bahamian government wants them all because they have the jurisdiction rights, not the good old US of A. But it’s all a big smoke and mirrors show. Sam used FTX’s holding company to make all of his purchases, so there’s no trace back to him. He’s still portraying himself as the humble, FTX branded T shirt wearing, Toyota Corola driving guy, when in reality, he’s living like a king in a $40 million mansion.

And what about that $16.4 million house listed under his parents names?

Talk about living the high life. But wait, there’s more. It’s not just about the fancy houses and the fancy food.

And SPF gave himself a loan of $1 billion.

Yeah, you heard that right. A billion bucks from a silo company deeply involved in the FTX collapse. And the FTX chief restructuring officer, John Ray III, confirms it in a filing. Guys, his case just got a whole lot murkier. Buckle up, though, because we’re about to drop the mic on Sam big lie. You see, at the start of this video, SPF was all like, Oh, boohoo, I’m broke. I’ve only got 100,000 in my personal account. But guess what? We did some digging and boom. Out of nowhere in December 2022, SPF suddenly remembered that he had $525 million in Robin hood shares. Now, ain’t that convenient? He couldn’t liquidate that when his customers needed their money, but now he’s got it all remembered. And it gets better. The Feds seized $700 million that SPF was laundering, including those Robin hood shares. $94.5 million was found and seized from a Silvergate account that SPF tried to hide, and 50 million was found and seized from Moonstone Bank in Washington. And the cherry on top, three Binance accounts are under investigation, and we’re pretty sure they belong to none other than SPF himself. So there you have it. The truth is finally out. Write jail in the comments if you believe that’s where these people belong.

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