Smart Money Stocks Up on Bitcoin

Smart Money Stocks Up on Bitcoin: Future of BTC

Bitcoin’s New Dynamic

Smart Money Accumulating BTC

Over the last 30 days, these entities have acquired about 85000 bitcoins to their balance indicating that they still believe in Bitcoin even in times of crises. It is this trend that is especially worth mentioning as it goes against the actions of other large stakeholders of the industry including ETFs and exchanges.

ETFs Pulling Back

However, throughout the same time, there has been net 16,000 BTC outflow from ETFs showing that there could have been a sale or re-investment of these funds. This sell-off takes place as Bitcoin experiences some downward price movement defined at $57,871 though with a marginal 0. , albeit with a decline of 3% that falls between the values of 3% and 8%. 7% over the past week They polled 1,500 adults and found that of those people 7 % reported they have been infected with Covid-19 over the past week. Thus, the buying behavior of the long-term holders and the selling actions of ETFs reveal a rather complex scenario of current Bitcoin investments.

smart money stocks up on bitcoin

Implications of Divergent Strategies

Permanent Holders’ Confidence

This accumulation was made by permanent holders, predominantly custodial wallets without any sell-offs, in the last 30 days. These wallets are not ETF, Exchange or Miner. At the same time, BTC withdrew to other ETFs to the tune of 16k units of tokens. Some investors panic sell their stocks while others are squeezing their ways to buy the same.

Impact on Bitcoin Market

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