Edward Snowden raised concerns

Edward Snowden raised concerns about OpenAI & ChatGPT

This, Snowden took to his tweeter to express his disdain as what OpenAI has done is a great disappointed to the privacy rights of the whole world. He urged people not to rely on OpenAI or any of its products including the very popular ChatGPT; pointing to the fact that an ex-NSA director is involved, it is a strategically planned effort to erode people’s liberties. These situations pointed by Snowden with the message: ‘You have been warned’ imply that the appointment of such official is ill-fruitful for the benefit of civilians but is actually in betterment of secret or hidden motives.

Edward Snowden warning about OpenAI and ChatGPT on social media.

Even Elon Musk was not left out as he came out to publicly disagree with OpenAI’s decision, although, in a somewhat sarcastic manner saying he wouldn’t mind the creation gaining access to his phone. Musk’s disbelief correlates to other issues he has with OpenAI, especially with the initiative to further the AI together with Apple to bring ChatGPT into all Apple products. Musk warned, this cooperation might result in Apple acquiring excessive access to data and consequently, he will block their products from his businesses.

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