Tokenization: SEC Commissioner Highlights Its Importance

Illustration of digital tokens on a blockchain network symbolizing the future of finance and asset management. SEC Commissioner Mark Uyeda

Even estimative words from Uyeda point out a significant appreciation of tokenization’s responsibility for the needed transformation of the financial industry in the aspects of efficiency and integration. Furthermore, tokenized assets’ significance was growing consistently, which can be supplemented by the contemporary development called Ledgible that provides a tax tool for tokenized assets and lets users manage the modern legislation, which can be felt in the world, For example, IRS Form 1099-DA. ETF is among the financial instruments that are ready for the change in the future; it is possible with the characteristics set in the current future that we shall see conventional ETFs vanish from the market in the next two decades. Same sentiments were posted by Niccole Bardoscia and Eric Balchunas who described how tokenization can transform the markets were described.

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