Binance's New Standards

Binance’s New Standards: Stricter Rules for Crypto Listings

A visual representation of Binance’s new crypto listing standards targeting inactive ‘zombie coins’.

To maintain such a clear procedure of sorting, Binance engaged a sector focused on constant testing and ranking. Unlike other departments, this department pays much attention to ‘delisting’ coins labelled as ‘zombie coins’ which does not conform with the set criteria so that the exchange only hosts live and healthy coins. It also maintains the company image of Binance and at the same time, makes trading helpful for the users, with a guarantee of a proper platform.

Yi also offered the strategies of the running strategies of Binance by which Binance seeks to maintain its competitive edge while observing the regulative frameworks. Some of the approaches that are exercised include identification of the customers, research on the client and the right evaluation of the risks. Still, such steps may seem to be rather rigid as compared to those reflected by certain competitors; however, such actions are vital for S’s platform’s security and solidity.

There is this policy evident in several products and services provided by the exchange whereby it is revised from time to time depending on the users and market trends. For instance, with reference to the Web3 wallet, for user and market requirements as well as to meet the platform’s requirement, there was an uplift in the use of the inscription field. It is through such efforts to show this commitment of Binance is not a duty to be a match to users’ expectations, but rather to exceed them.

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