US Spot Bitcoin ETFs

US Spot Bitcoin ETFs Amass 548,556 BTC Worth $36 Billion in Just Over Four Months

The Big Accumulation

Blackrock’s IBIT Takes the Lead Among New Bitcoin ETFs

GBTC Makes a Splash in the Public Market

Breaking Down the BTC Holdings by ETFs

Let’s take a closer look at who’s holding what in the crypto treasure trove. Leading the pack is Blackrock’s IBIT, with its massive stash of bitcoin. Right behind it is Fidelity’s FBTC, boasting an impressive 156,772.30 BTC. Ark Invest’s ARKB and 21share’s ARKB team up to hold 47,230 BTC, while Bitwise’s BITB controls 35,749.04 BTC.

Even the underdogs are holding their ground. Vaneck’s HODL might not be leading the charge, but it’s still got a respectable 9,587.63 BTC under its belt. And let’s not forget about the other players in the game – Valkyrie’s BRRR, Invesco Galaxy’s BTCO, Franklin Templeton’s EZBC, and Wisdomtree’s BTCW, all adding to the growing pile of institutional bitcoin ownership.

Putting US Spot Bitcoin ETFs on the Global Stage

Now, let’s zoom out for a moment and see how these US spot bitcoin ETFs stack up against the rest of the world. Together, these 11 funds, including GBTC, hold a whopping 837,511.01 BTC, totaling $56.05 billion. That’s a hefty 4.25% of the current circulating supply of 19.7 million BTC. Talk about making a splash on the global stage!

But hey, let’s not forget about our friends across the pond. Over in Hong Kong, they’re jumping on the ETF bandwagon too. Their international counterparts have snagged a cool 4,063.6 BTC, showing that the appetite for cryptocurrency investment knows no bounds.

Final Thoughts

The wild ride of US spot bitcoin ETFs. In just over four months, they’ve shaken up the crypto world, amassing a jaw-dropping amount of bitcoin and proving that the digital asset revolution is in full swing. Hold onto your hats, because who knows what twists and turns lie ahead in this thrilling crypto adventure!

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