Former FTX, Alameda Crew Seal $17 Million

Former FTX, Alameda Crew Seal $17 Million Investment for Crypto Exchange Backpack

The Big Bucks Round-Up

The Brainpower Behind Backpack

So, who are the masterminds steering this ship? Meet Armani Ferrante and Can Sun, the dynamic duo at the helm of Backpack. Ferrante, Backpack’s CEO extraordinaire, brings with him a wealth of experience from his days at Alameda. And Sun, with his insider knowledge from FTX, adds another layer of expertise to the mix.


A Rocky Road to Success

But it hasn’t been smooth sailing all the way. Sun found himself in a hot seat as a government witness during the infamous Sam Bankman-Fried saga, shedding light on FTX’s questionable practices. Despite the stormy past, Backpack stands strong, with a team of 40 talented individuals, including five former FTX pros, driving the exchange forward.

Learning from the Past

FTX’s turbulent history casts a long shadow, but Ferrante remains undeterred. He acknowledges the heightened scrutiny surrounding crypto exchanges post-FTX debacle but remains optimistic about Backpack’s future. Initially, investors were hesitant to bet on Backpack, but perceptions have shifted, especially after the legal dust settled in a New York courtroom last year.

Backpack: The Rising Star

Based in Dubai, Backpack has quickly gained traction, boasting a user base of over 420,000 worldwide. With a whopping $6.5 billion in trading volume this month alone, Backpack is making its mark, particularly in Asian markets. As FTX grapples with its own challenges, Backpack sees an opportunity to carve out its slice of the crypto pie.

Filling the Void

As the industry giants navigate choppy waters, other players are swooping in to cater to professional traders left in the lurch. EDX Markets, backed by Fidelity, made its grand entrance in 2023 with eyes set on expansion, starting with Singapore. Ferrante and Sun are charting their own course, distancing themselves from their Alameda days, while Bankman-Fried faces the music with a looming sentencing date.

The Verdict Awaits

Bankman-Fried’s fate hangs in the balance as federal prosecutors prepare to dish out their recommended sentence length on Mar. 15, with the final verdict slated for Mar. 28. In the meantime, the crypto world holds its breath, watching as Backpack and its counterparts rewrite the rules of the game.

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