Cardano Node 9.0 in June

What to Expect from Cardano Node 9.0 in June

Cardano growth has been an evolutionary process and systematic as creating a new nation. The next event concerning Node is indicated by the statement: Node 9 is launched. 0 stands for a final result of years of effort, involvement of the community and technological advancements. Thus, more than 70% of SPOs need to install the new node for a fork to happen, and the network is standing on the edge of a radical change.

Thus, it is relatively clear that Chang fork is not only a technical change but rather the shift in the entire paradigm. This will help Cardano to fully decentralise and this has been a dream that has been taking over a decade in the making. Hoskinson considers this event as the largest in Cardano’s history as this will create a fully decentralized ecosystem owned by Cardano itself.

Cardano Node 9.0

Looking at the performance and the growth of Cardano during the previous 10 years, Hoskinson compared the process of the company’s creation to the creation of a civilization. He stated pride in the Cardano community as a strong and creative community and sees the future where Cardano will be a civilization without a center with millions of users all around the world. The future innovations will be the state of the art governance system on the blockchain, the sustainable treasury and growth by the community.

However, Hoskinson ranted at the so-called crypto media differentiating itself as the best and most informative source of breaking crypto news for not doing any justice to the latest progress of Cardano. He regretted that the headlines always doubt Cardano’s prospects while failing to see the massive progress and even more potential for further growth. Hoskinson was very excited about a near-future hard fork and claimed that the platform is on the cutting edge of scaling research and development.

Cardano’s ecosystem is steadily growing and technologies such as Hydra are improving it. Midnight and Prism are existing partner chains, and then we also have initiatives such as Project Catalyst driving the network’s development. This plea can be supported by the examination of major community events to be held in Argentina such as the constitutional convention to appreciate Cardano’s globalization.

Hoskinson ensured that Cardano is here for the long haul intending to solve authentic economical, political, as well as societal issues. He also talked about the prospects of this platform to fundamentally change some segments of the blockchain sphere and other fields.

A few days ago, Hoskinson asked the community to decide whether Cardano Treasury should contribute to a not-for-profit media DAO providing accurate information on cryptocurrencies. The proposal was well embraced by all stakeholders, which was an indication of the community’s desire for factual news stories.

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