10 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Hit $150K Easily in This Bull Run

Bitcoin Will Hit $150K

Cryptocurrency as an idea started with bitcoin and from then it has been one of the most debated issues in the market among the investment community, technology gurus, and financial agents. Hence it is a roller coaster that many would like to embark on given the volatility that is associated with the prices of oil. Some people say that in this next bull run, such as the current one that we are in, that Bitcoin could easily go up to $150K. However, what is the rationale behind such an encouraged prognosis? Now, let us get down to the specifics, the top 10 as we may call it.

Institutional Investment

Increasing Institutional Interest
Institutional buying is the most potent driver of Bitcoin’s possible increase among other factors.

Some of the prominent companies that are investing in the bitcoin are;
Such notable companies as Tesla, MicroStrategy, and Square bought billions of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin, which demonstrates the new direction that large companies are taking in terms of utilizing this cryptocurrency. Besides, these investments offer the inflow of capital and also bring additional credibility to the Bitcoin.

Financial Institutions Adopting Bitcoin

Today, even Wall Street titans like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan have bitcoin services. Thus they create an attractive entry for more conventional equity capital that seeks to exploit the demand and push up the price.

ETF Approval

The Beneficiary of ETF Approval
Among the top events that the cryptocurrency market is currently looking forward, the primary one is the approval of a Bitcoin ETF.

Increased Accessibility for Investors
An ETF solves the problem of obtaining exposure to Bitcoin for the average retail investor without the hustle and time consumed when investing directly in the digital currency. These possibilities imply that the increased accessibility of a product increases its demand to a great extent.

Legitimization of Bitcoin

Hearing of the approval of a Bitcoin ETF would have a symbolic impact of safeguarding, or giving a validation of Bitcoin as an investment vehicle. This could call on more capitalists to invest in it hence inflating it even further.

Limited Supply

Bitcoin’s Fixed Supply Cap
Bitcoin has a clearly defined maximum supply of 21 million, a factor engraved in the cryptocurrency’s software.

Scarcity Effect

This scarcity is similar to gold whereby in most cases, the higher the scarcity of the item the higher the price is after a certain interval of time. For instance, the more people will require investing in Bitcoin, scarcity aspect will be instrumental in determining the new value of the digital currency on the market.

Impact on Price
From the basic economic theory of supply and demand where often it is seen that with a closed supply and an open demand, there is bound to be a surge in the price. This supply-demand factor is one of the basics why it is believed that the price of Bitcoin will rise.

Growing Acceptance

Mainstream Adoption
Bitcoin is slowly and gradually getting integrated into day-to-day application.

Payment Processors Integration

Retail Adoption

Recently, PayPal and Square are payment processors who have adopted Bitcoin as well. It also helps extend the use of Bitcoin but also brings more awareness of the cryptocurrency as well as its adoption by the public at large.

The usage of BTC is becoming more widespread and more and more retailers accept this cryptocurrency. At present there are substantial numbers of stores from big organizations like Overstock, AT&T and some of the Starbucks stores have already started accepting it making the process easier for people to spend Bitcoins.

Technological Advancements

Improvements in Blockchain Technology
The core technology behind the bitcoin is evolving all the time.

Lightning Network

Lightning Network is the second layer to Bitcoin’s main net that improves the speed and capacity of the network. This makes Bitcoin convenient for use in the actual trade and thus the attractiveness of using it.

Enhanced Security Measures

The cryptographic uses on Bitcoin, alongside with enhanced security methods and innovations contributing to its increased security from eventually hacking and scams. This implies that having improved security measures increases the credibility of investors and users and, thus, they are more likely to invest.

Economic Uncertainty

Inflation and Currency Devaluation
The market situations in other parts of the world are strongly influential in the market price of bitcoins.

Bitcoin as a Hedge

Coupled with inflation and devaluation of most countries’ currency, Bitcoin is regarded as an economic asset against these challenges. Individuals are using Bitcoin to store value; Bitcoin is being used to preserve capital.

Global Economic Trends
The causes for adopting BTC are economic problems, political dissatisfactions, and the desire for probabilistic uncertainties, resembling that of gold.

Market Dynamics

Bull and Bear Cycles
Fluctuations of the bitcoin price are cycle-like most of the time.

Historical Patterns
Analyzing previous bull runs, it can be stated that Bitcoin goes straight to the start of the new all-time high. Analyzing the statistics of the bitcoin rates it can be concluded that it has the tendency of a ‘V’ shape, meaning after heavy drops the rates eventually bounce back and go higher than before.

Current Market Sentiment
The current trend of the investors is that of optimism, with many expecting the bitcoins to shoot up. This generally results to the increase in buying actions and hence rising prices.

Regulatory Clarity
Positive Regulatory Developments
On this front, regulation might bend to either helps the Bitcoin or negatively impact its endeavors.

Government Policies
A lot of governments are gradually changing their outlook towards bitcoin and other digital currencies for the better. Positives in regulations can increase investor confidence and thus increase adoption of the services.

Global Regulatory Environment
The global regulatory framework of Oil and Gas is still complex and not always favorable towards the industry and its workings; therefore, improving the overall consistency and tone, would lead to increased investment from both institutional and retail investors.

Increased Media Coverage

Innovation Role of Media in Developing the Market Perception
It has been established that the media has a large impact on the perception of an event among the people.

Public Awareness
More population engages with media and more they know about Bitcoin. Due to an increased awareness of what Bitcoin is, more and more people will be persuaded to invest.

FOPO (Fear of Present Obsolence);
It also makes people scared to loss buy more bitcoins in order to be among the firsts to gain more profit from the increasing price of bitcoins. This rush can considerably raise the price and for this reason, the organization needs to strive to establish the best means to source the product.

Expert Predictions

Analysts’ Forecasts
In this case, it is evident that most financial analysts and experts have come up with informative prognosis of Bitcoin price.

Impact of Expert Opinions
The perception of significant opinion-giving involves the consideration of experts’ opinions that affect public and institutional change. Analysts’ optimistic reports from well-known analysts can inspire others and raise the price.


In conclusion, it is not guesswork that Bitcoin will test $150K in this bull run. Institutional interest is rising and ETFs have gained approval, technologies are advancing and the markets are becoming more mainstream while various economic factors. Despite its risks, the ability to strike colossal gains, has ensured that more people invest in Bitcoins.

Disclaimer !! The information provided by CryptopianNews is for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be considered financial or investment advice. Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and speculative, and investing in them carries inherent risks. Readers are advised to conduct their own research and consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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