$16B Boost in Stablecoin Economy

$16B Boost in Stablecoin Economy: Tether at the Helm

$16B injection into stablecoin market over 90 days with Tether and USDE leading.

Ethena’s USDE, a stablecoin that was ranked the sixth largest by market cap till recently, has climbed up the ladder to the fourth rank. Its market cap of $848 million increased to $3. 36 billion, in fact 46 percent above the expected level, thus it faces an upward trend as shown in the figure 3 below. 1% increase alone in the last one month indicating that the targeted online community has been gradually growing in the last one year. On the other hand, the FDUSD in First Digital was ranked fifth, qualifying that its market cap diminished by 14. 2% to $3. 27 billion, it is ranked second after USDE.

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