shocking decline in bitcoin and altcoins today

Shocking Decline in Bitcoin and Altcoins Today: CEO Speaks

The cryptocurrency market has also declined further with Bitcoin leading the trademark below showing the decline. Markets are keenly waiting for the Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates and it has expected to be influential in the next market movements.

Like the owners of shares at the stock exchange, BTC and other crypto currencies’ owners are worried at what pace the Federal Reserve will change the interest rates this year. The central bank is at the moment holding a two day meeting, the decision of which is expected to be released tomorrow. At the same time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 272 points today, and the S&P 500 declined by 0. 3%.

Bitcoin and altcoins decline, with investors monitoring Federal Reserve's interest rate decisions

Lipiński added that a look at option positions reveals long-term expectations for a rally: According to him, here we may witness fluctuations until the picture regarding further actions of the Fed for the rest of the year becomes clearer. He also mentioned today’s and the previous Friday’s sell-offs as the further indication of still existing market malaise: “Despite the imminence of physically settled ETH in the US, no positive impetus has been found to push the prices up while BTC’s bullish fundament, including ETFs holding supply, cannot overcome

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