ASX Approves First Bitcoin ETF: What You Need to Know

As for the reasons why this Approval is significant for me, the following should suffice:
The approval of the VanEck Bitcoin ETF by the ASX is notable for several reasons:The approval of the VanEck Bitcoin ETF by the ASX is notable for several reasons:

Regulatory Approval:
This is a great reinforcement of Bitcoin as an investment instrument by the Australian regulator. This is bound to lead to growing acceptance and recognition of bitcoins’ by the conventional financial markets.

Investor Accessibility:
Overall, the ETF allows more investors to become aware of and invest in Bitcoin and do away with wallet addresses, and private keys among others that may be a problem to many.

Institutional Interest:
This approval also allows for more confidence in institutional investors to invest by attaining the existing regulated products in the market.


The firm of VanEck is a world-class organization in the management of investments and is recognized for its part in developing strategic investment strategies. As Bitcoin gains popularity in Australia, VanEck believes this ETF will meet this emergent demand. As per the words of Arian Neiron, the Asia-Pacific CEO at VanEck, the global demand for the Bitcoin investment is rising and people are more and more interested in investing in such instruments – and just if they are tied to Bitcoin.
This recent development brings Australia on the same order as other countries that have embraced spot Bitcoin ETFs. VanEck in the United States, for example, rolled out a VanEck Bitcoin Trust more recently in the year 2021 known as the VanEck Bitcoin Trust or HODL, which shows increasing acceptance of such funds across the world.
However, the VanEck Bitcoin ETF is not a new bitcoin ETF that has been initiated in Australia. The first ETF related to Bitcoin appeared at the beginning of April 2022: Global X 21 Shares Bitcoin ETF (EBTC) In June 4 of the same year, Monochrome Bitcoin ETF (IBTC) launched on the Cboe Australia. Nevertheless, due to VanEck’s entry into the launching of coming ETFs, more credibility and competitions might create.

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