Bitcoin in the Red Zone – Should We Be Concerned

Bitcoin in the Red Zone: Famous Analyst Explains Where We May Go From Here – Should We Be Concerned?

In the recent past, il Capo summarized that $67 000 was an essential support level on X. He observed that, at this level, there is what he termed as demand-pull accumulation. This kind of support he concludes may well be maintained; implying that the upward trend could go on as anticipated in his primary scenario.

They also got an idea about the negative side of the scenario from il Capo who identified that there may be a downside risk ahead. If that support level of $67,000 is broken, then the price will come to the next support area of $ 65,000. This outlook could bring further declines which would make it significant level for the traders to look at keenly.

BTC Has Taken Another Dip

Besides discussing the price actions, il Capo tackled another important issue, which is the BTC transfers of Mt. Gox exchange. In the view of the analyst,the officials of the exchange are running Bitcoins so that they can refund the customers. Although the analyzing of process presented some approvals and progress, it is possible to expect that it will take until October of 2024. Hence, il Capo will point out that there is no reason for alarms to be raised at this instance.

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