the first significant expansion of the market since the year 2021

A crypto analyst unveils clues about the first significant expansion of the market since the year 2021 to show that altcoins are ready to ‘rip’

Specifically, pseudonymous analyst TechDev posted to his 452k Telegram channel X that several signs point to the market currently replicating a pattern from 2020 that presaged a super bull cycle.

Chris Webber of TechDev stated, “The whole crypto market is in just its first macro bull phase in 3. 5 years. ” They reveal, for instance, that the total market capitalization has been charted by him for two months with suggesting that digital assets have been primed for a significant breakout. Applying indicators such as Bollinger bands (BB) which is a price volatility tool normally sees the upper and lower part of the BB shrink in order to show consolidation and imply that consolidation is likely to end and higher volatility is anticipated.

bitcoin bollinger bands chart, market replicating

Another interesting thing about it is that according to TechDev the analysis of the macro environment can help now to make sense of today’s market conditions. ”Bitcoin is set to soar to greater heights,” “Altcoins are also set to soar to greater heights,” he asserts. Such as the moving average convergence/divergence (MACD), relative strength index (RSI), besides the flipping of several cryptocurrencies into bull territory, meaning that the coin is eyed to continue a particular direction of price movement, all of which points to the fact that the market is set for a massive expansion.

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