Unveiling Botnet Cybercrimes: The $130M Case

The Botnet Operation

The Impact

The IP addresses that were compromised were used to perpetrate different crimes including; financial fraud, identity theft, child exploitation, harassment and threats, bomb threats and export violations. The DOJ also found that 911 S5 customers focused on exploiting the pandemic relief programs, where over 560,000 unemployment claims for COVID relief were linked to these hijacked IP addresses that resulted in confirmed losses of over $5. 9 billion.

To combat the botnet, law enforcement authorities from the USA, Singapore, Thailand, and Germany simultaneously arrested the botnet’s infrastructure and confiscated 23 domains and 70 servers. Moreover, $30 million worth of assets connected with the operation was seized by the authorities.

Bottom Line

This is a very scary case of botnets in the cybercrime and emphasize the need for collaboration between different countries in order to address the threats posed by such networks. It also captures how these criminals manipulate people’s trust and technology to stage wide-scale fraud and other vices.


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