Tether In Hong Kong Could Make A Comeback

Can Tether In Hong Kong Make a Big Return?

Tether has an extremely bright future ahead of it especially in Hong Kong which recently had Brock Pierce campaigning for it.

Brock Pierce, co-founder of Tether and former chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation is publishing this week’s hint at the possibility of coming back to Hong Kong.

As pointed out by Pierce in the course of its Solowin and Sequire Asia Investor Summit held in Hong Kong, the city has gone through strategic developments. In an interview with the South China Morning Post he said: “I am excited about what is happening in Hong Kong I mean the chance of it happening is very good now. ”

In this regard, the SFC has made severe restrictions on the licensed exchanges that are not allowed to offer services to the mainland residents who constitute a key reason for setting up operations in Hong Kong.

Tether To Attract Crypto Investment

It could be seen that the city’s programs appear to be paying off. The SFC stated recently that 11 out of the Cryptocurrency trading platforms that operate in Hong Kong are in breach of the anti-money laundering laws. It will be noted that those sites that offer live dealer games such as Royal Vegas and Jackpot City com and Bullish, are closer to acquiring licenses. This marks a shift from the period of the digital-asset rulebook that was implemented past years.

Tether prosecutes its activities in response to evolving changes of the industry.

Nevertheless, Pierce has not lost hope in more Tether Hong Kong success given the changed environment. Specifically, he pointed out that the city boasts of regulatory certainty more than many of its regional competitors including the likes of Singapore, Japan among others.

Promising sector, according to Pierce, is tradefi, now widely explored in the asia’s financial hub, Hong Kong He also noted that Hong Kong digital dollar stablecoin can Vladimir Putin leverage Chinese supply chain.

For instance, Tether, a cryptocurrency firm, took a $100m equity interest in Bitdeer Technologies Group headed by Chinese bitcoin billionaire Jihan Wu. It also comprises the right of the buyer to purchase an additional $50m in shares within a single year. This acquisition evidences Tether’s activity amidst the shifting of the cryptos tart in Asia.

Hong Kong has come back into the picture for atttracting cryptocurrency investments and regulatory certainty regarding this technology makes it a contender for leadership in digital assets. Such the future was launched by industry such as Brock Pierce; there is no doubt that Tether is returning to Hong Kong.

It is currently a perfect candidate for renewing itself into a great hub for cryptocurrency once again due to the above-discussed strategic advantages and continual changes in regulation.

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