Fidelity to Seed Ethereum ETF with $4.7M

Fidelity has been among the first traditional financial institutions globally to embrace digital currencies. Fidelity entered the digital asset market first with Bitcoin for which the company created Fidelity Digital Assets, trading and custody in 2018. An example is the graduation of the Bitcoin ETF earlier this year with an initial investment of $20 million showing fidelity’s confidence in the crypto market. However, with the newest Ethereum ETF, Fidelity is broadening its horizons in offering digital assets and creating more variety for its users.
Based on the documents filed, the new Ethereum ETF from Fidelity will be known as the Fidelity Ethereum Fund and will debut with $4 in assets. 7 million. Out of this capital, 1,250 ETH will be used to ensure the fund gets the required liquidity it needs. The shares of the fund are at $38 per share, and therefore, there are a total of 125,000 shares outstanding. The first seeding is very important in this aspect as it shows the sponsor’s belief and commitment to the fund’s future viability.
It’s not just fidelity that has waded into the Ethereum ETF arena. Similarly, other asset management behemoths such as BlackRock and Bitwise also disclosed their intention to roll out Ethereum ETFs with a $10 million backing from BlackRock. Bitwise, on the other hand, has invested $2. $5 million in seed capital with Pantera Capital Management Company being able to invest $100 million in shares.

Such developments suggest a strong competitive landscape, with many large players eager to obtain a foothold in the rapidly growing Ethereum investment space.

This has been widely expected especially since the large asset managers have sought to seed Ethereum ETFs. Firstly, it will enable institutional investors to get direct exposure to Ethereum through a regulated and secure platform. This could ultimately lead to a higher usage of ETH and consequently the price of the asset rising. Secondly, the launch of Ethereum ETFs will be expected to enhance the overall liquidity of the Ethereum market thus attracting both retail and institutional investors.

As much as the seed capital provisions are publicized, some more about the management fees of these ETFs are concealed. However, Franklin Templeton has already led the pack by declaring its management fee at 0. 19% which places it in the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to fees for its Ethereum fund. The other providers are likely to come out with their charges as the dates draw near closer.

Different market analysts have varying views on the future returns of Ethereum ETFs. Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas considers that these funds will control twenty percent of the flow that Bitcoin ETFs have enjoyed, meaning both immense but not stratospheric growth. On the other hand, K33 Research provides a relatively optimistic prognosis, stating that Ethereum ETFs could reach 28% of Bitcoin ETF impact and $4 billion in Inflows within the space of five months. Other analysts including those from Standard Chartered believe that there will be even better prediction to $45 billion within one-year period.
The overall success of these ETFs depends primarily on the approval of the authorities. The SEC has not been very keen on approving such ETFs due to issues such as market manipulation and protection of investors. Though, there is still a low interest from reputable financial institutions which can be eliminated by the establishment of legal frameworks that can enhance the approval process.

Credit : Eric Balchunas X Account
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