Gensler’s Take on Ethereum ETF: What It Means for the Crypto Market

On May 23, the SEC approved to launch eight filings for spot Ether ETFs with conditionality to S-1 registration statements. However, Gensler pointed to them on his statement and focused on the fact that the faster the approval or the speed of approval depends on issuers’ reactions to SOC feedback.

This development is a step up for the SEC, suggesting that it could further bring Ethereum based ETFs earlier than expected. According to Bloomberg, the initial approvals can be expected to be granted by as early as July, the calendar year.

Gensler suggested that the previous success by Grayscale in its lawsuit to obtain a BTC ETF must have influenced the SEC on ETH ETFs. This consideration was due to the regulatory approval given to Bitcoin futures ETFs in the US.

Some experts such as Analyst James Seyffart opine that political factors based their assumption by linking SEC Commissioner Jamie Lizárraga to loyal democrats such as Nancy Pelosi could have played some role in shifting the stand of the SEC.

Credit : James Seyffart

The tensions in Gensler’s sentiments bold a new chapter for Ethereum ETFs, where the spotlight shifts to issuers. Although this shift will only potentially involve specific sub-sectors, it might accelerate the deployment of financial products tied to cryptocurrencies and influence the rest of the crypto space.


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