Is Bitcoin Undervalued in 2024? Expert Opinions Inside

The question of Bitcoin’s true value has been a topic of debate for years. As of 2024, many experts believe that Bitcoin remains significantly undervalued despite its volatile market behavior.

Insights from Core Scientific Founder, Darin Feinstein

Feinstein encourages investors to consider the broader adoption and institutional support Bitcoin has received. With ETFs, governments holding Bitcoin, and endorsements from billionaires and even some presidents, Bitcoin’s value proposition is stronger than ever. He highlights the asset’s resilience, pointing out that the current price drops should be viewed as buying opportunities rather than reasons for concern.

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Historical Perspective and Market Sentiment

Reflecting on his early days in the Bitcoin market, Feinstein shares his journey, including the challenges he faced with early exchanges like Mt. Gox, which ultimately collapsed, resulting in significant losses. Despite these setbacks, his faith in Bitcoin never wavered, demonstrating the kind of resilience he believes current investors should adopt.

Feinstein’s message is clear: while Bitcoin’s market price may fluctuate, its fundamental value—anchored by its revolutionary technology and growing institutional backing—remains solid and promising.


In conclusion, the sentiment among experts like Darin Feinstein is optimistic. They argue that Bitcoin is not only undervalued but also poised for substantial growth as its foundational technology gains more recognition and adoption. For investors, this could mean that current price drops are an opportune moment to buy and hold Bitcoin for the long term.

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