Major Exploit in Chrome Extensions Affecting Binance Accounts

The Google Chrome extension – a promotion tool called Aggr – which was intended to deliver trading information on users – was found to have encoded adware. The functioning of the plug-in was therefore limited to stealing user cookies. These cookies that stored session data, were used by hackers to compromise both, password and two-factor authentication (2FA), thus gaining accidental access to the Binance accounts.

A common case of this particular scam is a trader with the username of CryptoNakamao who lost $1 million. CryptoNakamu, who actively trade on the Binance platform since the beginning of 2020, detected suspicious transactions on their account on May 24. As the social media account for Binance did not respond immediately, the hacker actively engaged in leveraged trades and make withdrawals.

The particular trader also claimed that Binance could not protect its platform sufficiently enough due to negligence in the actions that led to the unusual activities and trading on their platform among traders. Furthermore, Binance was called to task for their slowness in addressing the issues raised by users and for being privy to the fake plugin and yet not taking appropriate measures to ensure the users were informed.


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