The Trump Connection: Solana ETF and Market Predictions

The VanEck Proposal

Matthew Sigel X account

Political Influence on SEC Decisions

According to Sigel, the approval odds for the Solana ETF significantly hinge on the election results. If a Democrat, likely Joe Biden, remains in office, the chances are “near zero” due to the current regulatory stance of the SEC under Gary Gensler. However, a Trump victory could improve these odds as Trump would probably appoint a new SEC chair, potentially more favorable to cryptocurrency ETFs.

Surveillance Sharing Agreements (SSA)

A critical hurdle for the Solana ETF is the lack of a futures market on CME. This absence has been a crucial factor for regulatory approval of spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs. Grayscale’s argument in its case against the SEC highlighted that surveillance-sharing agreements with spot crypto exchanges should suffice to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, even without a CME futures market. Bloomberg analysts also agree that SSA might be sufficient, but only if there’s new leadership at the SEC or a legislative change.

Market Predictions

The market predictions around the Solana ETF are heavily influenced by the political landscape. If Trump wins, we could see a surge in market optimism and potential approval of the Solana ETF, which could drive up Solana’s value and market interest. Conversely, a Biden victory might maintain the current regulatory environment, limiting the chances of approval and keeping market expectations in check.


The Solana ETF’s fate serves as a testament to the significant impact political outcomes can have on the cryptocurrency market. Investors and market analysts are closely watching the political scene, understanding that the 2024 US Presidential election could be a pivotal event for the future of cryptocurrency ETFs and the broader market.

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